Prong-gilled Mayfly Nymphs

Prong-gilled Mayfly Nymphs

Fred presents Prong-gilled Mayfly Nymphs.

Family:  Leptophlebiidae
Common name:  Prong-gills
Featuring:  Prong-gilled mayfly in its nymphal (water breathing) stage

Colour:  Mottled dark brown/olive

Habitat:  slower current in streams and found under rocks and plant material. Prefer clearer unpolluted rivers and streams.

Behaviour: Running on substructure or swimming, using their bodies, in short bursts.

General nymph form/shape:  square (slightly rounded) heads, three long tails, leaf like gills on both sides of body.

Prong-gilled Mayfly Nymphs2022-10-21T11:13:47+00:00

The hand-twist retrieve

Fred explains how to hand-twist retrieve a dragon -or damselfly nymph.

The hand-twist retrieve2022-10-21T07:40:03+00:00

Setting up a basic leader for stillwaters

Fred sets up a leader for fishing a still water.  For the novice’s information: 3X tippet is thinner than 2X tippet and has a lighter breaking strain.

Setting up a basic leader for stillwaters2022-10-21T07:40:04+00:00

Intermediate line for stillwaters

Fred quickly discusses an intermediate line for still waters and what he prefers in terms of the line as well as the rod.

Intermediate line for stillwaters2022-10-21T07:40:04+00:00

Burrowing Dragonfly Nymphs

Fred discusses burrowing dragonfly nymphs on a section of the Kraai river near Barkly East.

Burrowing Dragonfly Nymphs2022-10-21T07:40:06+00:00
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