Dry Flies

Trico Spinner

Trico Spinner

Hook – # 14, 16 and 18 dry fly
Thread – 70 or 8/0 black
Tail – 2 or 3 Micro fibetts – clear or white
Body – black CDC dubbing
Wing – White egg or poly yarn

Suggested fishing method; Fish on long, thin tippet/leader configuration to rising fish in a trico hatch or spinner fall.

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RAB Variant

RAB Variant

Hook: #14-16 Dry fly

Thread: #70 or 8/0 red

Tail: Coq de Leon fibres or white hackle fibres

Body: Peacock herl

Wing/Hackle 1: Badger or brown

Wing/Hackle 2: Coq de Leon or white hackle

Legs: Water mongoose fibres x 5-8

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Hotpsot Cripple Irresistable

Hotspot Cripple Irresistable

Hook: #14-16 Dry fly

Thread: #70 FL chartreuse or FL orange silk

Tail: Grizzly hackle fibres

Body: Spun deer hair

Post: Egg or poly yarn

Wing: Grizzly hackle

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Epoxy Flying Ant

Epoxy Flying Ant

Hook:  #14-16 thin wire sedge

Thread:  #8/0 or 70 black

Abdomen: Epoxied foam cylinder 3/32″ or 1/8″ black (use 5min epoxy)

Thorax: fine black dubbing or peacock herl

Wing: White packing foam

Legs/hackle: black or dark brown

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Sawfly Wasp

Sawfly Wasp

Originator:  Fred Steynberg

Tied by:  Fred Steynberg

Hook:  # 18 – 16 dry fly

Thread:  # 10/0 – 12/0 light brown/golden yellow

Body:  Super fine dry fly dubbing FL chartreuse or pale yellow

Wing:  Medallion clear or flashback pearl (cut from sheet)

Hackle:  Light to golden brown



Sawfly wasp that can be found around streams and rivers in the Eastern Cape (South Africa) where willow trees are present.

Fishing method:

Fished as a dry fly with long leader and light 6X tippet to selective yellow fish and trout, especially under overhanging willow trees in summer.

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PVC Wing Spinner

PVC Wing Spinner

Originator:  Fred Steynberg

Tied by:  Fred Steynberg

(High floating spinner tied with a difference)

Thread:  8/0 or 70 black or brown

Hook:  # 14 – 16 thin wire sedge or dry fly hook

Tail:  Coq de leon cape fibres

Egg sack:  fine waterproof dry fly dubbing – yellow or pale yellow

Abdomen:  fine waterproof dry fly dubbing – grey, tan

Thorax:  CDC dubbing, black and tan mix

Legs:  Thin black or brown rubber – tentacles #1


Imitates:  Egg laying or trapped mayfly spinner.

For use:  Trout and yellowfish in rivers and streams.

Fishing method:  Dead drift when fish are rising for egg laying, spent or trapped spinners.

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PVC Wing Cricket

PVC Wing Cricket

Hook: 10-12 Terrestrial

Thread: 8/0 Black

Abdomen: Foam cylinder 3/32″-1/8″

Wing 1: 4+ Strands of black or pearl crystal flash

Wing 2: PVC packing foam

Wing 3: Stacked black deer hair

Thorax: Black squirrel dubbing

Legs: Black round rubber

Tag: Orange foam

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Elk Wing Caddis Variant

 Elk Wing Caddis Variant

Imitates:  Adult Caddis

Thread:  Light brown or tan 8/0 or 7/0

Hook:  Standard thin wire dry fly hook # 16 – 14

Body:  CDC dubbing tan or cream

Under wing:  Stripped CDC fibres tan, cream or white

Wing:  Elk hair or similar

Fishing method:  Fish on a dead drift as a single dry fly or in tandem with an unweighted nymph below.


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