Frequently Asked Questions ...

Below are a number of frequently asked questions

Is crime a problem?

Crime usually only affects people who behave irrationally or ignorantly. Don't look for trouble and abide by foreign countries rules. Always keep your luggage in sight and do not bribe anyone. Keep your passports and money on your person and anything else you need to know will be told on your departure.

What should I bring?

  1. Travel documents and passport with visas if required.
  2. Personal toiletries and medication.
  3. Sunblock or sunscreen - its Africa.
  4. Polaroid sunglasses.
  5. We provide insect repellent, but bringing one's own is a good idea especially in Mozambique.
  6. Warm tops, shirts, longs (poly-cotton) and shorts for both salt and fresh water. (Avoid bright colours for fresh water.)
  7. Hat or cap.
  8. Pocket knife, long nose pliers and line clippers may be handy on salt water excursions.
  9. Fly vest or pack with extras such as forceps, clippers, trout net, fly boxes, tippets, floatant etc. for fresh water.
  10. Camera and film (we do take photos and applicable photos will be sent to you.)
  11. Wading boots or shoes for fresh water, waders may be a good idea when fishing in autumn or spring and in dams or lakes.
  12. For Salt water, sandals, sandshoes, takkies or beach boots (lightweight) will do.
  13. Flies for salt water.
  14. Your own specific alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, or ask us to organize it for you.

How fit should I be?

Fitness is not much of a problem especially on salt water. Fresh water excursions might take you 2 or 3 km into the mountains, but we have never had any problems in this area.

Is there a malaria problem?

Rhodes and the North Eastern Cape have no malaria whatsoever. Mozambique can pose a malaria problem especially in the summer months - the best fishing months. But we do provide mosquito nets and repellant. Prevention is better than cure. It is good to take a course of prescribed malaria pills.

Can I be contacted while I am away?

If you are not an S.A. citizen you can have your cell-service provider connect your cell phone onto an international roaming mode. Most places will have a signal. Land lines are reliable both in Rhodes, the North Eastern Cape for national and International calls.

Can I charge the batteries of my cell phone and video camera?

Yes, please provide your own leads and connections.

Do I have to be a good fly fisherman?

Not necessarily. We do however urge our clients to practice their casting skills for both salt and fresh water before embarking on any fly fishing trip. It is extremely frustrating for the client when salt water fly fishing and the fish are just out of range or your presentation on fresh water streams spook the fish. This is why casting practice is important. The old saying comes into effect here: “The more you practice the luckier you get.”

What about food and drinks?

In Rhodes we are fortunate to have 3 beautiful, old-style, Victorian, well-stocked pubs which should cater for the fly fishermen's' needs. On all our salt water ventures our clients are required to supply their own or ask us to arrange their drinks for them.

Self-catering in Rhodes is an option, or eat out at any of the three venues in Rhodes that offer meals. On any guided day in Rhodes, lunchpacks are included in the fee.

What about medical emergencies?

Fred Steynberg is qualified in first-aid and basic medical care and will have a first aid kit on hand. For any serious medical attention we will drive a client to Barkly East where there is a hospital and doctors. This is about a 50 min. drive by car. Mozambique / Ithaca Island is situated approximately 1 - 2 hours boat drive to Maputo, where medical assistance can be obtained with doctors and a hospital.

Should I get travel insurance?

It is always advisable to have travel insurance, insuring money, luggage and equipment and especially medical.

Do I need to book accommodation?

In Rhodes there is a choice of self-catering cottages a guest house and a hotel. We will arrange the booking at the venue of your choice.

In Mozambique we will make use of the lodge on Ithaca, which will also be arranged by ourselves. The lodge/camp at Ithaca consists of neat and comfortable reed huts for accommodation and they have bedding and mosquito nets. The dining and lounging area is a large reed lapa with an open outside braai.

The only accommodation that the client will need to arrange is any stop-overs on the way to the venue to be fished.

Do I need visas?

The only visa needed is to Mozambique, this can be arranged through your nearest travel agent. If a booking is made well in advance, we may be able to arrange a visa for you.

What about snakes and other toothy creatures?

Snakes are fairly rare along the river banks, we have had no snake bite incidents in my 22 years of living in the area. Apart for the odd spider there are no serious creature threats.

Am I guided at all times while fishing?

When fishing Mozambique guiding is included in the clients fee. For this reason he will be guided at all times. When in Rhodes on the fresh water streams, rivers and lakes the client has a choice of whether he would like to be guided or not. It is a great help to have a guide who knows his story in the area, placing the client at a direct advantage over most fly fishermen around.