Volksblad Fly Fishing Clinic — Astra Tours

Willie with his first fishOn the 6th of June, Astra Tours from Bloemfontein brought to Rhodes the wonderful Volksblad crowd and their clients for a bit of a break from the usual city rat race.

Linecasters spent the day with them at the Vrederus Dam. The 15 guys received a short course on fly fishing on lakes by Fred Steynberg, after which they had a lunch prepared by Linecasters chef, Brett Mannix.

Following lunch, the guys tried their hand at their newly learnt art, and proceeded to catch a couple of trout. The wind was howling and conditions not in the favour of the fly fishermen, however the gentlemen had a good time. Jonathan Crowther the editor of VolksbladIt was unfortunate that their time was short and the road home long, although it seems we will definitely have some newcomers to the sport.

The following gentlemen attended the day:

A special thanks to Donie and Juan Marie Naude of Vrederus, who hosted the clinic on their magnificent dam.

Jimmy with a nice trout Fred Explaining Lake flies