May 2006 Some news from Rhodes, Barkly East and surrounding waters.

Dear All

Some news from Rhodes, Barkly East and surrounding waters.

The Rhodes/Barkly East area has had more than its fair share of rain over the past 3 months and the rivers are running crystal clear and strong.  Conditions are excellent and trout are feasting on as much food as possible in preparation for the spawning season.  Most of the yellowfish have moved downstream to the lower Kraai and Orange rivers, and should return again in early October.  All the dams in the area are also full and reports of good catches on Birkhall and Tiffendell dams have come in.

Pre-spawning season should be really productive this year with the average rainbows on the upper reaches between 10 & 14 inches.

Rhodes area has experienced some poaching in the form of subsistent worm fishermen, but hopefully the 'ruling'  authorities dealing with this problem will actively do something about it next season.  Poaching has become an ever increasing problem, and can pose a serious threat to  our small stream fishing.  Please feel free to contact us for advice on where to fish.


Linecasters will host a R.E.F.F.I.S Rreparation Course and exam on 18, 19 and 20 May 2006.  Closing dates for entry will be on the 25th of April.  For bookings please contact Fred, Mario or Cathy on (045) 9749298 or  For more information visit our web site

Advanced Fly Fishing Academy

Fred Steynberg and Dr. Tom Sutcliff will be hosting the 2006 Advanced Fly Fishing Academy from the 10th to the 14th of October 2006.  The academy will cover  the finer aspects of river fly fishing, entomology, fly tying and technical casting .  To book in advance for this popular event please contact us soonest.

Salt Water

Fred Steynberg will help hosting a trip to Cosmelledo, Seychelles this month with Frontier Fly fishing.  We will be reporting back on this before the end of April.

Tight Lines!

Fred Steynberg