Linecasters Winter 2008 News Letter - Fred Steynberg

Rhodes, surrounding rivers and still waters

We were fortunate in Autumn 2008 to witness some of the most defined hatches we have seen in years and the fishing on some stretches of the rivers have been particularly outstanding.  The area had a couple of cold fronts in early April which contributed to the good water levels, with rain and snow. If we are fortunate to have a wet winter, then spring 2008 will be one of the best in years. 
Our river season  re-opens on 1 September 2008.

Fly fishing trips and adventures:

Angola Kwanza Tarpon trip
Linecasters will be guiding/hosting 3 one week trips to the Kwanza River from 09 - 28 January 2008, targeting Giant Tarpon and other exotic game fish species.
As you may all know by now, one of our clients Matt Ferry caught a monster Tarpon of 220lbs+ , girth 54 inches and length 75 inches (photo below) on a trip in March 08.  At one stage we sight fished to a pod of rolling fish, and managed to hook and land two magnificent tarpon at the same time. These monsters average between 40-60 kgs around the Kwanza area and the trip is a unforgettable experience.  Other species that can be targeted in the area are Dorado, Senegal Jack, Jack Crevalle, Giant Threadfin and Cubera snapper.

We have written an article which will appear in the July/August issue of the 'Inwater' magazine, giving a little more background on the entire adventure.
Please contact us at for more info and costs.

Trip dates:

Bassas da India

We have booked 2 slots to Bassas da India in 2008 but they are unfortunately fully booked. The first trip will return around 2nd of August 2008 and you can expect a full report. This destination situated half way between Vilankulo (Mozambique) and Madagascar is a large atoll that submerges from the Indian ocean at low tides. The Atoll, for obvious reasons, has no human inhabitants and only the odd sports fishing vessel every other week fishes these fantastic waters. Fish such as Wahoo, King fish, Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Snapper species and Marlin....all grow as big as they come in this remote area and anglers return with broken bodies after a week tussling with giant fish. The boat used is a  40ft Maxim Catamaran and is a 48hr sail one way with 5 days spent fishing on and around the atoll.
Trips are still available for 2009, view below.

Trip dates:

Kenya Billfish excursions

Kenya have long been a popular destination for both Sailfish and Marlin alike. On any good day 5 -20 Sailfish can be teased up to the fly and often up to 8 fish have been caught and released per day. Anglers will have the luxury of fishing off 34ft boats that are specifically designed for pursuing Bill fish. A day or two will also be spent fishing off smaller vessels on a local reef that is a paradise for Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Mackerel and GT's. The trips are all 5 days and 6 nights due to the flight schedule to Mombassa.

Trip dates:

Lesotho fly fishing adventures

Linecasters guides will again guide/host trips into spectacular Lesotho from September 2008 when the rivers open and the warmer weather returns.
The last couple of trips to Lesotho were fantastic, bar one that was effected by rain, high and discolored waters. This is unfortunately fishing and can happen on any trip at any time. Clients generally caught smaller average fish but larger fish also often fell for well presented flies and measured 19 - 22 inches.
The rural experience and pristine wild fly fishing remains one of the most memorable fresh water excursions we offer to our clients, who leave comments such as ...''a magical wetting of the appetite and line and a sensational experience...'' (U.K.clients)

Trip dates: 


Fly tying Academy
Linecasters is proud to present its  first fly tying academy in Rhodes. We have had numerous requests from past clients to create an academy that could advance the already established fly tier and set up the beginner. The best venue for these academies is undoubtedly Rhodes as we would be able to test the flies that we have tied , on wild fish in the afternoons. This academy will cover a number of dry flies and nymphs that are commonly used in river systems but are hardly ever found , correctly tied, in fly shops. Fly patterns that have been created by Fred Steynberg and have proven to be extremely productive imitations will also be tied. This academy is also designed to illustrated the use of different fly tying materials and the simplifying use of the fly tying tools.
The academy will be held over a period of 3 days and participants will have a chance, each day to spend on-stream as well.

Interested persons can contact us via email or on phone numbers below

Beginners fly fishing academy 2 days
Linecasters will again present a beginners fly fishing academy in December but we have found that we need 2 days to complete the course. The proposed date is 3 and 4 December 2008.

R.E.F.F.I.S. South Africa (T.H.E.T.A. approved) fly fishing guide accreditation course
Linecasters and R.E.F.F.I.S. S.A. would like this opportunity to congratulate South Africa's first legal, THETA approved, fly fishing guides

These guides have successfully completed all 5 unit standards and have submitted a complete portfolio of evidence as stipulated by T.H.E.T.A. The next guide accreditation course and exam will be held in Rhodes from 1 - 4 October 2008.
For more info on the course please visit our website

Exciting news is that Zulch Conradie, well know fly fisherman in South Africa, has joined Linecasters in Rhodes and is in the process of becoming a qualified R.E.F.F.I.S. (THETA approved guide)

Kind regards
Fred, Mario and Zulch