Linecasters News - February 2004

Hi Guys,

As I mentioned in my previous newsletter, the dry spell here in Rhodes has been lifted with some fantastic, consistent rains. The rivers are at this moment in time in an excellent stable condition, a good sign for a good pre-spawning season in April / May.

The sawfly presence on the rivers are even more prolific than ever. At times on the Sterkspruit and Bokspruit I use only a single imitation 1.5 – 2 feet from the strike indicator for trout and yellows feeding on or below the surface.

We have had excellent Smallmouth Yellow catches on the lower Bok and Sterkspruit with fish up to 6 lbs. These fish are all extremely strong and put up a good account, pound for pound (unlike the sluggish Vaal yellows – joke!)
The advantage of fishing for yellows in these streams is that they zoom in on terrestrial food sources and with them being 80% visible, makes the fishing so much more exciting. Remember that the yellows return to the deeper waters of the Kraai and the Orange, after the first frost somewhere from mid-April.

Linecasters has also just returned from Linene Island from a 12 day exploring and guiding trip. We had an absolute ball and the fishing was excellent even though the weather did not play along at times. Some of the fish we caught were: King Mackerel 24 & 27 lbs., Bigeye Kingfish 8 – 10 lbs., Bludger Kings 19 lbs., Brassies (from the shore) 7 – 9 lbs., Kakaap 8 – 10 lbs., Kawa kawa 12 – 14 lbs., scads, rockcod, G.T’s, blacktip kingfish, three spot pompano. This area has huge potential for G.T’s 20 – 70 lbs. from the shore, so when you book make sure that your tide changes coincide with the sunrises and sunsets. If you are not sure, contact me via email.
The one and only lodge on the island has new management and they are planning some great changes. This is a destination that is pristine, private, beautiful and real value for money – really something to look at! Contact me for prices for this venue as well as guided packages.

On Friday 20th February, I will be leaving on the yacht “Free Spirit” to Lazarus Banks, accompanied by Guy Stubbs a Professional Photographer, as well as four fly fishing clients. The Complete Fly Fisherman has been so kind as to sponsor the party with clothing for the trip. This will be, as I had already mentioned, a trip of a lifetime on which I will be reporting back on as soon as we return. We will be editing a video/CD on the trip which will available for purchase through me at a later stage.

Linecasters Fly Shop which was opened on the 1st December, to provide a service for visitors to Rhodes was well received. The shop stocks – flies, fly tying equipment, tackle and curios. In season the shop will be open from 9am – 1pm, and out of season will be opened on request. Thanks for all your support!

Linecasters is also in the process of producing a video/CD on fly fishing for yellows and trout in the Rhodes/Barkly East area. This instructional fly fishing and fly tying video will give beginners and the more advanced fly fishers an advantage when fishing these waters.

Hope you guys have a fantastic pre-spawning season.


P.S. Remember that all fly fishing began with trout!