Linecasters News - August 2003

Hi Guys, With the new season just around the corner, read on about what Linecasters has in store.

Rivers and Dams

After an excellent river season last summer we have experienced not unlike most of South Africa, a very dry winter season. Luckily mother nature looks after her own and we have had about 3 inches of rain and snow this last week. The rivers are in great shape for the start of the season on the 1st September 2003.


The lakes in the area have produced some awesome trout over the last couple of months. Dohne and Juan Marie Naude of Vrederus Dam are still producing the occasional 8-10lb brown trout, with a number of strong and healthy looking rainbows of up to 5 lbs. The level of Basie Vosloos dams have dropped considerably, but it has not affected the fishing too much. One report was of 3 fish in less than an hour of between 4 and 8 lbs. These last rains and snowfalls should improve the water level.

One or two of the other lakes in the area have only produced a couple of fish per outing, all between 8 and 10 pounds.

If any of you guys are planning to fish our rivers this season and you are looking to get into a big fish, let me know!

Fly Shop in Rhodes

Linecasters now boasts a fly shop in Rhodes. Fly fishermen will now be able to purchase all their fly fishing paraphernalia here “on-stream”. LINECASTERS FLY SHOP will stock all the fresh water equipment you will need for our waters as well as salt water equipment. Feel free to come and get any advice you need or up to date reports on the rivers and dams. Opening times will be displayed outside the shop.

Salt Water

Linecasters has been spending a lot of time in and around Mozambique, teaching and guiding salt water clients. This last summer season we had excellent success with the fly rod, regardless of the unfavourable weather conditions at times.

Client Ronald Dunn in November 2002 remarked after a day out at sea: “This was the best day of my life.” Ronald was on his first ever guided fly fishing boat trip, and he and his son Andrew caught that day a golden kingfish of 16 lbs., an Indian mirrowfish of 14 lbs., two king mackerel of between11 and 13 lbs., a blood snapper of about 8 lbs., and a host of smaller fish.

Linecasters does more than act as a basic guide while out at sea. The client is tutored and taught in all aspects of the sport, equipping you with priceless knowledge that you can take away with you and use in your salt water ventures elsewhere. We have a wide range of terminal salt water tackle for those who don’t want to spend a fortune buying salt water rigs.

Our next planned trip will be in November 2003 and January 2004. Any fly fishermen interested can phone me at 082 640 2930 or email

New Zealand Trip 2003

I was again fortunate to spend some time in New Zealand this year, honing my skills and introducing Mark Yelland to “big brown fishing”. Mark had been threatening for some time to do some serious fishing and finally managed to take some time out and join me. I’m sure that Mark can now say he understands the meaning of “big, selective, brown trout”. We had awesome weather and superb caddis and cicada hatches. Dry fly fishing was clear out of this world and we caught brownies up to 9lbs.

I’m sure we are all looking forward to the new season, and may the fish take a delectable liking to your flies.

Fred and Jill Steynberg