Salt Water Trip Report, Mozambique - April 2002

In April, Linecasters took two groups of clients to Mozambique to catch and learn how to catch salt water fish species on fly. Although the weather was tough at times, we had an absolute ball.

Sakkie Bezuidenhout with a Brassy KingfishSome of the clients caught 12 species of fish and lost some serious monsters. This trip showed us once again that if you’re a serious fly fisherman the only way to improve is to learn from someone who knows and has learnt by doing it for a living. This way success is inevitable.

The first group was Sakkie, Wiebo and Theo who are all medical specialists in their fields.Not one of them had ever caught or fought salt water species before. They had a bit of bad weather and rough seas, but at some stages all three of them were fighting kings off the boat at the same time. The weather and tides did not allow for much shore fishing, but it is important to be competent off and on-shore, so we spent more time on the boat. The three of them caught literally dozens of fish almost every day and lost even more.

These three guys were a guides dream, learning, asking, listening and producing - thanks for memorable times.

This is a copy of Sakkie Bezuidenhouts’ email to us:

“Back at work after 5 unforgettable days on Inhaca, my thoughts keep drifting to the great time we had and the amazing fish we caught. It was an experience I’ll never forget, and I know that Theo and Wiebo feel the same.

Absolutely everything - from our rustic accommodation at Rob and Trish in their reed huts with mosquito nets over the beds, to Brett’s sumptious meals to the feeling of a large spot Pompano tugging at the other end of my line - made it and experience that surpassed every expectation.

Thanks again for such a well organised and enjoyable trip.
Until next time.

John Blennies good size Bigeye KingfishThe second group Derek Thomas and John Glennie had some very rough seas and windy weather to contend with. They had already had some experience in salt and the casting was of a lesser problem. John and Derek both hooked into some big fish causing them to discard some tackle while the fish went on their way. John caught a sizeable Bigeye Kingfish of around 4 - 5 kg that put up a serious fight and Derek caught a potential record Barred Needle fish of 1.12m and a good sized Baracuda on the last morning.

Well done guys, I would have loved to have seen some of those fish that got away! Great to have had you on the trip.

John, Derek and Fred with Dereks Pickhandle BarracudaFred Steynberg and Brett Mannix

Fish Species caught on the trip:

Barred Needlefish
Pickhandle Baracuda
King Mackerel
Skipjack Tuna
Russel Snapper
Wiebo Vermeulen with a Brassy KingfishLargespot Pompano
Brassy Kingfish
Bigeye Kingfish
Blacktip Kingfish
Bluefin Kingfish
Wolf Herring

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