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An extract from John Yellands news letter …


I do not quite know how to tell you about our recent trip to Rhodes and brief visit to fish in Lesotho.  Maybe you will get the picture if I tell you that I have been flyfishing for exactly fifty years now and that I regard this trip as having been the best trout fishing that I have ever experienced!

The rivers around Rhodes were very low, however the fish were there and we just had to work a little bit harder to catch them.  On our very first morning we drove out to our allotted beats under a grey sky which by the time that we had tackled up had turned a few shades darker.  Undeterred we pushed on and after a short time on the river the sky turned black and it started to snow!  We fished on for three quarters of an hour with snowflakes drifting gently down all around us.  While everything was turning white we still fished on, fish coming to our nymphs in the runs and pools until the snow first turned to sleet and then belting rain.  This got us huddled down under trees, there was no lightning, until it eased up and we could start fishing again! 

By lunch time the sky had cleared and by mid afternoon the sun was out and we had stripped off all the woollies and were still fishing.  What an amazing day.

The trip to Lesotho was an awesome experience – I can not tell you the name of the river that we fished because I don’t know it and even if I did know it I couldn’t tell you because Fred would then take me out very very slowly!  During my first hour and a half of fishing I caught ten fish – the smallest eleven inches and the largest eighteen inches – now that is fishing!  However as much as the fishing was really great the cultural experience of staying in a local Lesotho village was mind blowing.  We stayed in local peoples houses and had a tiny glimpse of these peaceful people’s lives.

We had great guys on the trip with us, had a good few laughs, one or two beers and generally a trip to remember.  Thanks to all of you and also to Andre who was always there to do things that needed to be done and helped all of us and also thanks to Fred, Jill and Cathy of Linecasters – - who all worked hard to make the trip especially good for us.

I know that I always say this but I really do intend to put together a slideshow of photographs taken on the trip so that we can share some of our experiences with you – watch this space!