First Linecasters Fly Fishing Academy

A Tribute to Linecasters

We, the attendees of the first Linecasters Fly Fishing Academy, presented in Rhodes, 14-19 September 2004, herewith wish to thank Fred Steynberg and Tom Sutcliffe for having developed and offered a unique contribution to the vocation of fly fishing in South Africa.

During the gathering in Rhodes, you presented to us, both in theory and in practice, in the most glorious of settings, a thorough basic understanding of all of the elements of the art and science of fly fishing on rivers and on still waters.  Your presentations were informative, scientific, educational, enlightening, stimulating, exciting, entertaining and above all inspirational.

Thank you Fred and Tom, for having shared with and opened up to us, the exciting and rewarding world of fly fishing.

We, the attendees herewith undertake not to confess to having been taught the art of casting before we have improved our casting skills to such a level as to do justice to excellent tuition, mentoring, encouragement, patience and humour with which Fred and Tom attempted against all the odds, to teach us this fundamental part of fly fishing.

18 September 2004

Signed:  Peter Stapp, Elwin Yorke, Mike Rudman, Michau Nel, Helmut Nel, Roy Sukuman, Terry Babich, Trevor Babich