Bonny Hawley & Doug Tate

July 28th 2001

Dear Fred

A very overdue letter to say thank you for spending time with us and taking me out fishing.  The time we spent in Rhodes, and especially fishing, was the highlight of our trip to South Africa.  After we left Rhodes, we eventually made it to Nottingham Road, after passing quickly through Underberg and Himeville.  Must go back there and spend more time on out next trip to South Africa.  I did fish the lower Loteni River for a couple of hours one afternoon and caught a couple of small trout.  Another place to go back to.

I have enclosed a couple of magazines for you.  Douglas writes regularly for the Shooting Sportsman and no doubt you will see an article written by him in there.  I have included a couple of fishing mags which have articles about fishing in Canada in case you have the inclination to visit North America.  Please let us know if you would be interested in getting a subscription to any of them and we will take care of it.

I guess I hope that the sale of the Hotel has gone through for your family although I also hope it never changes.  Our stay there was one of the most enjoyable we have had anywhere.

Keep in touch – you are always most welcome to stay with us.

Bonny Hawley & Doug Tate