Letter of recommendation.

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 12 May 2005

Fred Steynberg
P.O Box 21
South Africa

Dear Fred,
This letter serves as a letter of recommendation for anyone who is in need of either, a tutor, a guide or a combination as was the case with Barbara and me.

I know we have thanked you via the email, however we both felt it our duty to send you this letter so that you can keep it as a form of reference, by placing it onto your website or as a hard copy should you keep a portfolio.

We were a bit apprehensive at first about using a guide as we are mere beginners and were concerned as to whether we were suitable clients. Also it’s not in our nature to want to make fools of ourselves. Well this apprehension was short lived you made us both feel completely relaxed that any tension we had just melted away. 

You were very patient with us and this was deeply appreciated and in the end this helped us to grasp the basic intricacies of this wonderful sport or the best way of putting it would be “challenge”. Barbara and I had never fished rivers before and now are hooked (excuse the pun) and are looking for rivers to fish when ever we are able.

Unfortunately there are seasons to river fishing here, so we will have to travel long distances to face the challenge until September when the season re opens.

Until we meet again.

Tight loops.