'Macnab' Hunting and Fishing challenge ...

Where does the Macnab originate

Wing Shooting in the snow The Macnab originates from a Scottish poacher/challenger, John Macnab. Mr Macnab delivered a challenge note to three Scottish Landowners, declaring that him and two of his cronies where to poach as a challenge 2 deer (one for each hunter) and a salmon for the third fellow on their land without being caught. The Landlords hired guards 24 hours a day and rated Macnabs success as one in a hundred. More about this story can be read in Dirk Steynberg's article "The Macnab" featured in the Jan. 2001 issue of South Africas hunting magazine - "Magnum" and is also featured here on our web site under 'news and articles.'

The Macnab in Rhodes - the ultimate sportsman's challenge

We do it slightly differently here in Rhodes. We make it a challenge whereby the hunters' ability and skill in wing shooting, rifle shooting and fly fishing is tested against some of natures most challenging sporting quarries from sunrise to sunset. The Macnab is a must for any serious fly fisherman / hunter. The hunter is taken by Fred Steynberg (Pro. Hunter and Pro. Fly Fisherman) in a 4 X 4 to all three different venues and is given the best chance at success.

The quarries

Jaco with a young Vaal RhebuckThe hunters will hunt a Vaal Rhebuck/Mountain reedbuck ram on the most spectacular escarpment of the Drakensberg (8000-10 000 ft above sea level), shoot a brace of Greywing Francolin on wing over English pointers and catch a Rainbow/Brown trout in the river on still water. This challenge is a adrenaline-pumping rush from one venue to the next in an environment where nature deals the cards. The achiever is rewarded with a certificate proving that he/she has successfully succeeded in completing the challenge together with a satisfying feel of success.

We provide

  1. Gun dogsHunting Greywing in Rhodes area
  2. Professional Hunter and Fly Fisherman
  3. 4 X 4 Transport
  4. Gillies
  5. Lunch and refreshments


The Macnab season is open from the beginning of May till the end of August.

Macnab Rules

  1. Shell guys with a few greywingHunters must be in possession of hunting and rifle/gun license.
  2. Hunters must be over the age of 18 or accompanied by a responsible guardian.
  3. The challenge is done only from sunrise to sunset.
  4. The brace of Greywing must be shot on wing with a shotgun and over English or Pointing dogs.
  5. The Vaal Rhebuck ram must measure over 5 inches and is not to be shot from a vehicle (no caliber under 223 to be used.)
  6. The trout (Rainbow or Brown) has to be caught on fly with fly fishing equipment. No trawling will be allowed.
  7. The Professional has the final say in sizes, rules and weather.