Greywing Francolin Shooting ...

Rules and Ethics of Greywing Hunting

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  1. Guns must have valid Cape licences.
  2. Only Greywing may be shot.
  3. Bag limits 4 (four) – 6 (six) birds per gun per day (or as specified).
  4. Empty shell cases and rubbish must be brought back to Rhodes for disposal.
  5. Smoking may only take place with due regard to the danger of veld fires and others.
  6. No bird will be abandoned until a rigorous search has failed.
  7. Firing must stop until downed birds are retrieved or abandoned.
  8. No buck, hares, or any other ground game is to be shot.
  9. Wounded birds on the ground must be dispatched by hand and not by shot.
  10. Never fire at quarry too near the dogs.
  11. Never swing or fire down the line.
  12. Never fire behind the line, unless you have clear sight of all other members of the shoot.
  13. Always be on the alert for locals, farm labourers or livestock.
  14. When your gun is closed the muzzle must be held at “High Port.”
  15. Always break your gun when others are nearby, when traversing rough terrain or when crossing fences.
  16. When entering a car or building show a fellow gun that your gun is cleared, he will do likewise.
  17. Hunters must keep in touch with the guns on either side by discreet verbal contact.
  18. Hunters must leave farm gates the way they find them.
  19. Greywing Partridge shooting is the sport of purists and it should be remembered that:

Finally, remember to sincerely thank any landowners encountered on the shoot.