Freshwater Flyfishing Tackle ...

Rivers in and around Rhodes and Lesotho / Trout and Yellowfish

Linecasters can provide up to ten rod, reel and line outfits for academy and clinic clients.

Rods:                3 – 5 weight rods 8 – 9 ft
Lines:               Double tapered floating lines
Leaders:            9 – 12 ft 3x or 4x knotless tapered monofilament leaders
Tippet:              4x, 5x and 6x (at times 3x tippet is needed)

rainbow trout Rainbow trout

Dams and lakes in the Rhodes area / Trout

Rods:                4 – 6 weight rods 8 – 9 ft
Lines:               Floating and intermediate lines
Leaders:            8 – 10 ft 2x or 3x knotless tapered leaders
Tippet:              2x, 3x, 4x and 5x

Fishing for trout High in the mountains