Rhodes / Lesotho Fishing Season ...

River Season

The rivers around the Eastern Cape and Lesotho, unofficially open each year on the 1st of September and close on the 31st of May.  Water levels permitting, the best time to fly fish these rivers is the beginning of September to the end of November and then from March to mid May.  December, January and February coincide with our rainy season, but these are great months to fish if the rivers are clear and weather permits.  There are catchment river frontage areas where water clears rapidly after heavy rains and are utilised in these circumstances.

River fishing in Rhodes / Lesotho

Smallmouth Yellowfish Season ...

The yellowfish season is open throughout the year, but the fish usually only start running (spawning run) up the tributaries of the Kraai River in the warmer months, October to March.  They return to the lower Kraai and Orange River during the colder winter months.  The Smallmouth yellowfish spawning season is in summer and can frustrate anglers who often put cast after cast over large spawning females to no avail.  Smallmouth Yellowfish fortunately do not all spawn at the same time and there are often feeding fish among the spawners that can be targeted.  Peak spawning usually occurs during the months of November and December and thereafter (January to March) fish often feed prolifically off the surface if the rivers are clear.

Rainbow Trout Yellow fish

Largemouth Yellowfish Season ...

These magnificent sport fish are mostly found in the middle and lower Kraai River and it is often best to target them during spring, winter and autumn when/if rivers are clear.

Still Water Season

Dam and lake fishing is open throughout the year, however the summer months are preferable due to the prolific blue damsel, buzzer and mayfly hatches.  These hatches can create an exhilarating day on the water for fly fishermen, especially at dawn and dusk.  The dam edges and inlets in winter where the fish look for spawning beds can often be targeted and large Rainbow Trout are often the target.