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Best season September to May but contingent on river conditions.

Guided flyfishing in Rhodes

Fred Steynberg has been a skilled fly fisherman and guide on the Rhodes rivers for the past 25 years.  As one of Africa’s top fly fishermen and guides, he has an astute and profound knowledge of the habits and habitats of these fish as well as the surrounding environment, with much to share with his clients. Fred fished for the South African team during the 2001 world championship that was held in Sweden and is a qualified R.E.F.F.I.S. (THETA approved) Professional Guide and instructor.

Guided flyfishing in Rhodes Guided flyfishing in Rhodes

A guided day starts out between 6am and 8am, depending on the time of the year, weather conditions, temperature of the water and the clients’ requirements.  Clients are guided for 7 to 8 hours of the day, breaking for an on-stream lunch or brunch.  Flies, tippets, floatant, strike indicators etc. are carried by the guide and are available to the client.  Our guides also carry refreshments and a first aid kit.

Linecasters guides refrain from fishing while guiding clients unless asked to demonstrate a technique or skill.  The flies we use are tied by us and are weighted, shaped and modified to suit the varying water levels and hatches.

Guided flyfishing in Rhodes

Anglers, their families and holiday makers who come to Rhodes can stay in a selection of delightfully comfortable, self-catering cottages in the village of Rhodes. Rhodes is situated in the remote part of the Southern Drakensberg, South Africa and is considered to be the principal wild trout destination of the country. Clients can be professionally guided or attempt to go it alone on some of the finest small streams that the country has to offer. Wild trout, mostly rainbows and indigenous yellowfish can be caught on dry fly and nymphs. This area has more than 9 different, pristine, little streams and rivers to fish and explore with access possible to more than 100km of river frontage, all inhabited by a flourishing population of rainbow trout and smallmouth yellowfish. The Rhodes area also boasts a number of still waters that are either stocked or have wild, breeding trout. Some of these still waters are situated 2400m above sea level and can produce fish of 6 – 12lbs.

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Guided flyfishing in Rhodes