Instructions and Tips

Line control between fishing spots

Line control between fishing spots

Fred explains how to effectively control the line between fishing spots.

Strike Indicator Preparation

Fred explains how to treat the strike indicators that he prefers.

Undoing a new leader

Fred gives a tip on how to unravel a new leader without it knotting up.

Preventing Stuck Rod Ferrules

Fred gives a tip on how to prevent rod ferrules from becoming stuck when you need to take a rod apart.

Instructions & Tips Introduction

The hand-twist retrieve

Fred explains how to hand-twist retrieve a dragon -or damselfly nymph.

Setting up a basic leader for stillwaters

Fred sets up a leader for fishing a still water.  For the novice’s information: 3X tippet is thinner than 2X tippet and has a lighter breaking strain.

Intermediate line for stillwaters

Fred quickly discusses an intermediate line for still waters and what he prefers in terms of the line as well as the rod.

A tip for threading the line through the line guides

A Fred illustrates a fail-safe method for threading the line through a rod’s line guides.

Burrowing Dragonfly Nymphs

Fred discusses burrowing dragonfly nymphs on a section of the Kraai river near Barkly East.