Fred presents Mavisbank, a beat on the Kloppershoekspruit above Rhodes.  This beat is about 6km long and holds trophy trout up to 20inches.


Rod: 2 – 3 Weight Rods

Line: Floating

Leader: 4 – 5X Tapered Leaders, 9 feet

Tippet: 5-6X

Suggested Flies:

Nymphs: Weighted and unweighted mayfly nymph imitations (Size 14-16) such as the Jinx, PTNs, Zaks, GRHEs, Flashbacks.  Lead putty can also be used for weight.

Dry Flies:  RAB, Adams, Black Adams, Flying ants

Fishing method:  Upstream nymphing with a strike indicator.  Flies can be fished in tandem, New Zealand style.  There are lots of sight-fishing to be had, and extra care should be taken when approaching the water.

Catch-and-Release only