Fred presents Parkgate, a beat on the Bell River, about 6km above Rhodes.

Rods: 2 WT to 3 WT
Line: Floating
Leaders: 9ft, 4X to 5X
Tippet: 2ft – 3ft, 4X to 6X
Mayfly nymph imitations like ZAKs, PTNs, GRHEs, various Flashbacks, the Jinx. Size 14 – 16.
Dry flies: RABs, Parachute Adams, Black Adams, Beetles, Flying Ants, Sawfly Wasp. Size 14 – 18.
Other: Sawfly larvae

Fishing Method:  Fish upstream and focus on getting a drag-free drift. Nymphs should be fished with a strike indicator.

Directions:  The turn-off to Parkgate is approximately 4km from the Linecasters fishing shop on the road to Naudesnek Pass, on the left-hand side.  Follow the farm road from the turn-off to a concrete bridge over the Bell River.  Park at the bridge.