Guiding Series


Fred presents Mavisbank, a beat on the Kloppershoekspruit above Rhodes. This beat is about 6km long and holds trophy trout up to 20inches.

Rod: 2 – 3 Weight Rods
Line: Floating
Leader: 4 – 5X Tapered Leaders, 9 feet
Tippet: 5-6X
Suggested Flies:
Nymphs: Weighted and unweighted mayfly nymph imitations (Size 14-16) such as the Jinx, PTNs, Zaks, GRHEs, Flashbacks. Lead putty can also be used for weight.
Dry Flies: RAB, Adams, Black Adams, Flying ants

Fishing method: Upstream nymphing with a strike indicator. Flies can be fished in tandem, New Zealand style. There are lots of sight-fishing to be had, and extra care should be taken when approaching the water.

Catch-and-Release only


Fred presents Parkgate, a beat on the Bell River, about 6km above Rhodes.

Rods: 2 WT to 3 WT
Line: Floating
Leaders: 9ft, 4X to 5X
Tippet: 2ft – 3ft, 4X to 6X
Mayfly nymph imitations like ZAKs, PTNs, GRHEs, various Flashbacks, the Jinx. Size 14 – 16.
Dry flies: RABs, Parachute Adams, Black Adams, Beetles, Flying Ants, Sawfly Wasp. Size 14 – 18.
Other: Sawfly larvae

Fishing Method:  Fish upstream and focus on getting a drag-free drift. Nymphs should be fished with a strike indicator.

Directions:  The turn-off to Parkgate is approximately 4km from the Linecasters fishing shop on the road to Naudesnek Pass, on the left-hand side.  Follow the farm road from the turn-off to a concrete bridge over the Bell River.  Park at the bridge.

Vanderkloof Dam




Experience fly fishing for trout and yellowfish in the pristine rivers of the mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

Selous Nature Reserve – Tanzania

This 5 night trip into the Selous Game Reserve offers unique and exclusive fishing for giant blue tigerfish of up to 30lbs, indigenous yellowfish, rhinofish and a number of catfish species. This Selous reserve fishery is still relatively new, wild and exciting!

Seychelles Outer Islands

Seychelles Outer Island Live-a-Board with Linecasters is the best value for money trip. Top guides, great flats and blue water fly fishing with quality service.
7 DAYS/7 NIGHTS of pure fishing pleasure!
Best seasons April or October to December.


Lower Orange River

Fly fishing in the Kalahari!

This fantastic, wild adventure is safari style and surreal!
Camping on the wild banks of the pristine Lower Orange River under Kalahari skies is on many intrepid anglers’ bucket list.
Indigenous large and smallmouth yellowfish is in abundance and can often be sight fished to. Every night is a braai night and every day is adventure filled fishing! September to October are the best months.

Angola Jack Attack

Angola fishing offers some fish species that come in giant proportions!
Leviathans in many respects; Giant Tarpon, Giant Threadfin, massive Jack Crevalle and enormous Cubera Snapper.
Good lodging, great food and a festive atmosphere.
Summer season is December to March and the winter run is July to August.


River Piddle

The River Piddle in Dorset, UK

Type of river: Chalk stream

Fish to target: Mostly brown trout (Salmo trutta) up to 5lbs.

Fishing Season: March to September

Best season for Danica hatches: mid May – mid June

Fishing method: Upstream dry fly or nymphing.

Ticket purchase and accommodation: Wessex fly fishing, Richard and Sally Slocock, Tel: 01305 848460.

Suggested guide: Tony King 07855196332

Suggested rod: 3 – 4W, 8’, 4 – 9’

Suggested nymphs: Bead head ZAK, GRHE, PTN, Peeping Caddis larva and pupa, cream burrowing nymphs.

Suggested dry flies: Klink’s, parachutes, Mohawks….


Beat/Farm: Jennerville

River: Lower to middle Sterkspruit

Where to purchase ticket: Wild Trout Association (Rhodes Info Center), R150/rod/day, R100/rod/half day

Access:  Although a high clearance vehicle is preferable, a sedan vehicle can be driven to the gate of the beat via the R393.

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Target species:

  • Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).
  • Smallmouth yellow fish (Labeobarbus aeneus).

Best season:

  • Smallmouth yellowfish from October to March.
  • Rainbow trout from September to mid May.

Suggested tackle:

  • Rods: 3 – 4W rods, reels and floating lines.
  • Leaders: 7 – 9’, 3 – 4X tapered leaders.
  • Tippet: 4 – 5X.
  • Dry flies: hoppers, flying ants, elk-wing caddis, sawfly wasp and larva, green beetle etc.
  • Nymphs: Beadhead GHRE, PTN and Zak, dragonfly nymphs, caddis larva etc.

Suggested fishing method:  Up-stream dead drift.