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PTN Flashback Nymph Variant

PTN Flashback Nymph Variant

Hook: #14-16 Nymph Hook

Thread: 8/0 or 70 brown

Tail: 5-6 strands of pheasant tail fibres

Ribbing: Thin copper wire

Body/abdomen: Wrapped pheasant tail fibres

Wingcase: Pearl flash

Weight: Optional

Thorax: Grey squirrel dubbing

Epoxy Flying Ant

Epoxy Flying Ant

Hook:  #14-16 thin wire sedge

Thread:  #8/0 or 70 black

Abdomen: Epoxied foam cylinder 3/32″ or 1/8″ black (use 5min epoxy)

Thorax: fine black dubbing or peacock herl

Wing: White packing foam

Legs/hackle: black or dark brown

Hotspot Caddis Larva

Hotspot Caddis Larva

Hook: #10-12 caddis hook HW

Thread: 6/0 or 140 black

Weight: 0.2mm round lead wire

Ribbing: Copper Wire

Back: Scud back Olive

Body: Nymph dubbing light olive

Hotspot: dubbing orange

Thorax: dubbing dark brown

Vanderkloof Dam




Experience fly fishing for trout and yellowfish in the pristine rivers of the mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

Selous Nature Reserve – Tanzania

This 5 night trip into the Selous Game Reserve offers unique and exclusive fishing for giant blue tigerfish of up to 30lbs, indigenous yellowfish, rhinofish and a number of catfish species. This Selous reserve fishery is still relatively new, wild and exciting!

Seychelles Outer Islands

Seychelles Outer Island Live-a-Board with Linecasters is the best value for money trip. Top guides, great flats and blue water fly fishing with quality service.
7 DAYS/7 NIGHTS of pure fishing pleasure!
Best seasons April or October to December.


Lower Orange River

Fly fishing in the Kalahari!

This fantastic, wild adventure is safari style and surreal!
Camping on the wild banks of the pristine Lower Orange River under Kalahari skies is on many intrepid anglers’ bucket list.
Indigenous large and smallmouth yellowfish is in abundance and can often be sight fished to. Every night is a braai night and every day is adventure filled fishing! September to October are the best months.

Angola Jack Attack

Angola fishing offers some fish species that come in giant proportions!
Leviathans in many respects; Giant Tarpon, Giant Threadfin, massive Jack Crevalle and enormous Cubera Snapper.
Good lodging, great food and a festive atmosphere.
Summer season is December to March and the winter run is July to August.


Glass Bead Damselfly Nymph

Glass Bead-Eye Damsel Nymph

Tied by Fred Steynberg

Thread: Olive 8/0 or 7/0

Hook: #10 – 12 streamer

Eyes: Olive or brown beads on 30lb mono-filament stork

Under tail: Olive deer hair (prevents the tail wrapping)

Tail: Mixed dark and light olive marabou

Body and Thorax: Olive marabou

Wing/legs: Midge flash pearl

Wing case: Fly foam – dry fly

For use in: Still waters for mostly trout or slow moving pools in rivers.
Fished with a floating or intermediate line using a slow hand twist, figure of 8 retrieve.