Linecasters Beginners Academy ...

Linecasters hosts two BEGINNERS ACADEMIES per annum.  The first is in October and the second in December.  The academy is held in RHODES over a period of one day.  The Beginners Academy will practically and theoretically teach the fly fishing novice all they will need to know to confidently venture on to rivers with a fly rod to target species such as trout and small mouth yellow fish.

Course Contents

Accommodation and Meals

Linecasters can accommodate participants in comfortable self catering cottages in the village of Rhodes.  Meals can be booked by us at the various local restaurants in Rhodes or the self-catering option can be done.  Tea’s are served at the academy venue.

What To Bring

Camera, hat, sun-block, jacket or polar fleece top, technical quick drying pants and shirts, wading boots / waders, neoprene socks and gravel guards, fly-pack or vest, net, Polaroid’s and a water bottle. 


Linecasters is able to equip up to five participants with a rod, reel and line, for those who have not yet purchased their first fly fishing outfit.

If participants have their own equipment, it is advisable to bring it so that we can ensure that your outfit is correctly set up.

2 – 5 Weight rods, reels and floating lines will be needed.


Fred Steynberg R.E.F.F.I.S / THETA guide and instructor
Mario du Preez R.E.F.F.I.S / THETA guide and instructor


R480.00 per person

Costs include  

Costs exclude