Linecasters Advanced Academy ...

Next Linecasters advanced academy held in Rhodes - 15, 16 and 17 October 2014

The ADVANCED ACADEMY is based in RHODES and has specifically been established to assist advanced fly fishermen in the finer aspects of the sport.  Attention is placed on specific casting techniques, line control, entomology and fly selection.  Participants will spend more time on-stream receiving practical tutoring on UPSTREAM DRY FLY FISHING and NYMPHING.   This course is well suited for up and coming guides as well as fly fishermen requiring advanced information before venturing to exotic destinations such as Argentina, New Zealand and European fly fishing waters.

Course contents

The Advanced Academy is designed to blend the practical and theoretical aspects of the course enabling participants to take what they’ve learnt on the ‘blackboard’ and apply it on-stream.

Accommodation and Meals

Linecasters can accommodates participants in comfortable self-catering cottages in the village of Rhodes.  Meals can be booked by us at the various local restaurants.   Tea’s are served at the academy venue or on-stream, depending on where we are at each day.

What To Bring

Camera, hat, sunblock, jacket or polar fleece top, technical quick drying pants and shirts, wading boots / waders, neoprene socks and gravel guards, flyback or vest, net, Polaroid’s and a water bottle. 


2 to 4 weight rods, reels and floating lines for rivers.


Fred Steynberg  and/or Dr Mario du Preez  both R.E.F.F.I.S. / THETA guides


R2350.00 per person

Costs include

Costs exclude