About Fred Steynberg and Linecasters ...

Fly Fisherman and Guide

FRED STEYNBERG has been fly fishing for 20 years, most of this time spent on the clear mountain rivers of Rhodes. He has established himself as one of the most experienced fly fishing guides in South Africa. Specializing in river fishing, Fred has developed an astounding knowledge of the trout and their habitat in this area which boasts over 300 km of Africa's most pristine Wild Trout waters. The ever-increasingly popular yet elusive Yellowfish share these untainted waters with the trout. Fred knows each pool, riffle and run like the back of his hand. Fred also developed a passion for fishing to any salt water quarrie that would take a fly, pursuing the allure of salt water fly fishing vehemently.

Competent Field Editor

Fred has for the last 3 years been a Field Editor for the "The Complete Fly Fisherman" - South Africa's leading fly fishing magazine, regularly contributing factual articles on various fly fishing techniques, fly tying, tackle reports and reports on fly fishing venues and destinations. In 2001 Fred was selected as one of six fly fishermen to represent South Africa in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Sweden.

Fred has written numerous articles on venues in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. He also has obtained fly fishing experience in Sweden and has spent many months stalking large brown trout in New Zealand.

Professional Hunter

Fred has been hunting from the age of six with his father in the Natal region for mostly plains game and curbing problem animals. It was later in his later school years when he moved to Rhodes that he had the ideal opportunity he started pursuing the sport of kings - wing shooting. This was also the time when he started hunting extensively in the Eastern Cape and the Free State. Fred turned professional in October 1993 when he completed a Professional Hunters course through the NAPHCOM approved Professional Hunters School of Johan Calitz. Fred trains his own English Pointers and has bred dogs who have won National trophies.

Fred and his family live in Rhodes, a tiny, quaint, rustic village snuggled high up in the mountains of the North Eastern Cape. The dirt streets in town are not lined with street lights but with wild roses and willow trees. Most of the houses are over 100 years old and built in the Victorian style. Some of the old buildings are declared National Monuments with the town itself a National Conservancy. Rhodes offers total peace and tranquility where the weather is mostly great and the air crisp and clean. This is the base point from where LINECASTERS operates.